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Bakery Sold in 47 days

In June 2014, we sold our business, Edgewood Bakery, through Kim Deas and Murphy Business and Financial Services. From start to finish, our business was on the market for 47 days! The actual listing was posted on May 8, we showed the business on May 9 and closed the deal on June 9. This would not have been possible without the expertise and professionalism of Kim Deas. Click here to read the whole testimonial.

Listed Monday, Full Price offer Wednesday, Closed within 30 days

– Adam L.
Business Seller

First Time Business Buyer

I am writing to thank you for your help in my recent business purchase transaction. I wasn’t quite sure what all was expected in purchasing a small business. However, your assistance and help made a huge difference in helping me to make a smooth and successful transition. I am very pleased with my purchase, and I want to thank you for all of your help and advice.
Looking back on my purchase, I only wish I had made the transition from Corporate America to being a small business owner sooner. After 30 years in management with large corporations, I have found that working for myself is so much better! Thanks again for all of your help and assistance throughout the process. I will be sure to contact you in the future for my next business purchase (once I master dog grooming), and will recommend you and your services to all my friends who are in the market to purchase a business!

– Dave (business buyer)

Tanning Salon Sold

– Kristine

Tanning Salon Owner- Seller

Existing Franchise Sellers Excited to Sell

– Lee G.
Franchise Business Seller

Internet Business Sells Quickly

– Scott and Carol W.
Internet Business Seller

Buyers Pleased to Work with Kim Deas

– Claudia and Richie B.
Business Buyers

Buyer Impressed with Kim Deas

Kim, it is a pleasure getting in touch with such a professional and kind person like Kim! Captivating since the first work. Congrats for the way you conduct yourself as a broker, so warm and friendly and so on target.
– Michael D.
Business Buyer

Informative and Confidential

We met and she informed me of what should be in place and things to consider for the maximum value of my business. She is very informative and confidential! I would highly recommend Kim for anyone that is looking to buy or sell a business!
– Sonja Dyess
Social Marketing Expert

Valuable Insights Gained

I have always gained valuable insight into things I otherwise might have missed when dealing with Kim-and I think this trait will bode well for any business looking to sell using her services as a business broker.
– Mike Simmons
Video Production and Marketing
Media Content Advantage

Enthusiastic and Determined

Kimberly has been a tremendous asset as a business broker. She brings a high level of business knowledge paired with the enthusiasm and determination it takes to get difficult deals done. She knows her buyers and what they want to see in a business. Her marketing and consulting background should be utilized by potential sellers before ever taking a business to market to ensure the best possible offer in the least amount of time.
– Andrew T.
Business Owner

Above and Beyond

I spoke to Kimberly about my business to get a basic idea of the value. She did so much more! During our conversation I was given tips on SEO, advertising, and web design. She picked up on the doubts I was having about my business and, contrary to what would have been in her best interests, advised me that selling was probably not what I really wanted to do. She helped me decide that I was willing to keep pushing and growing my business. If you are looking to sell or buy a business I would not make a move until you speak with Kim.
– Will M
Business Owner

Focused with a Huge Network

Kim is a remarkable person. I have been fortunate to have worked with her on a number of projects for varying clients. It would be hard to find someone else who is more focused on their clients and their needs. And she may also be the best networker in Jacksonville. If you are looking to sell or buy a business, or find a contact/connection for your current business, Kim is definitely the person to go to.
– Howard W.
Business Development Consultant
Enable Your Marketing

Educated and Prepared

Kim was asked for information related to a fairly complicated business transaction. She followed through with one detailed request for more information. Using only that information, Kim became very familiar with the business transaction and prepared a thorough set of questions to ask me on the telephone. Based on her questions, I knew that she understood the business transaction, that she was prepared and that she was not wasting my time. Having years of frustrations with different people and organizations not being prepared, I was very impressed with her business knowledge, preparation and use on my time. Thank you!
– Vance S.
Business Owner

Clients Interest Top Priority

Kim is a consummate professional and works hard to give her clients the best service possible. I have referred multiple customers to her and have always received very positive feedback. Kim is also very good at giving quality referrals as well and keeps the best interest of her client as the top priority. I highly recommend her for any one thinking of buying or selling a business.
– Bill D.
Real Estate Agent

A True Professional

Kim is as professional and thorough as they come. She knows the ins and outs of buying and selling a business to where I feel 100% confident in sending anyone her way. She also goes out of her way to make sure someone gets the services they need, sometimes with little immediate monetary gain to herself – a hallmark of a true professional.
– David G.
Business Attorney

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