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Recently, I went to visit our state capitol and learn more about what is going on that will soon impact small business and have a voice for all small businesses.

It started with a recognition dinner for Governor Scott. His term is expiring this year. Several speakers talked about all his accomplishments and it was amazing to hear all the changes that have happened in the past 7 years, including:

  • Cut $10B in Taxes
  • Cut 500 Regulations
  • Unemployment is down to 3.7%
  • Florida is #1 in the US for Financial Stability

Here is an overview of all his accomplishments.



The next day, met 2 candidates for Florida Governor, Commission of Agriculture Adam Putnam and Speaker Richard Corcoran. Both shared their views on Florida’s future.

We also heard from Jay Fant, running for Attorney General. He spoke about focusing on fraudulent lawsuits again small business and working to curb that as his focus.

Then we heard from multiple legislators that support small business and they reviewed specific issues that are being looked at that will impact small businesses in the coming years. Topics include:

Notification of Changes in Business Filing – There was recently a case where a criminal filed to change the business papers and was then able to take out a huge loan and sell assets of the business through this filing. There is a bill that will notify owners of companies if anyone files change with the state for the business.  (This is good for small business.)

Direct Primary Care – This allows small business owners to contract directly with physicians to provide care for their employees. (This is good for small business.)

E-Verify – Through the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) – there is a push to have all employers use the system when hiring new employees. Although everyone wants to curb illegal workers, the system being required is riddled with software glitches that would make hiring harder and more expensive for a small business. (This is NOT good for small business.)

Other items to note:

  • Florida has become the hub for the Puerto Rico recovery efforts. Still, 30% of PR is without power and over 350,000 people have come from PR to Florida as evacuees.
  • Due to the surplus in the Florida budget, when Hurricane Irma hit, Florida was able to get back up faster and with fewer hiccups.
  • Marcy’s Law is being sought for Florida. This bill provides 20 protections for victims. Currently, criminals have more rights than victims. This bill rebalances that.
  • The Constitutional Revision Committee (CRC) meets every 20 years and is made up citizens to “adjust” the constitution.  They have the authority to place amendments directly on the voting ballot. Florida is one of only a few states that have this.

Attached is theSmall Business days – Kim Deas – 2018.


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