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Guide To Selling Your Business – Everything you need to know (and more)

The thought of selling your business can conjure up many questions, such as: what is it worth? Who would buy it? What I am going to do afterwards. The amount of information that you need to sell a business can seem overwhelming.

The process of selling your business is a big decision and the information below will help you understand the process.

Each section below has some of the most common questions, with short answers and a brief video.

The Basics of Selling Your Business

Can I sell my business?

What is my business worth?

When is the ideal time to sell?

Should I sell my business myself?

What can I do to increase the value of my business?

Should I offer Seller Financing?

What are the tax ramifications of selling a business?

How can I use a business valuation to plan for my retirement?

Using a Business Broker

How is a business broker paid?

What is the advantage of using a business broker?

How long before I want to sell should I contact a business broker?

If I have a buyer, do I need a business broker?

Do you work with other business brokers?

The Selling Process

What is the process for selling a business?

I heard there is more than 1 type of business valuation, What are the different types of business valuations?

For businesses valued over $750,000, what does the comprehensive assessment include?

Why do I need a comprehensive assessment?

How do you attract the perfect buyer?

How and where will you market my business and still keep it confidential?

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