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Our Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Division works with small and medium sized businesses to complete a confidential business transfer to provide a comprehensive and results-focused approach to create greater value for you.  You have created the value, we help you realize it.

With over 4000 business sales across the United States and Canada, we have handled a variety of businesses in different industries, worked with many of the private equity groups, and are well known for our ability to complete deals. We have both a brokerage firm, that handles individual buyers and our M&A division that is focused on corporate buyers and private equity groups.

We create the optimal environment to sell your company by:

  • Packaging the business in the most attractive way for the ideal buyer
  • Aggressively marketing to the most likely buyers
  • Coordinating and leading a team of advisors to minimize risk and increase efficiency
  • Negotiating and working through offers, due diligence and agreements

The sale of a business through an M&A process is very different than the sale of smaller, main street businesses. M&A deals are rarely handled the same as a small business.

Merger and Acquisition Process

What to expect

The process begins with a review of the business to sale-ability. Not all businesses are prepared to sell and some are not sale-able. If the business is not sale-able, we can provide guidance to prepare the business for sale-ability.

Once the business is deemed sale-able, the next step is to establish the value of the business and package the business for sale.

Business Valuations and Packaging

This process provides an objective market value for your business. It high lights both the tangible and intangible values of your business and provides defensible information about your company addressing areas of interest and concerns of concerned and experienced buyers.

After the valuation is completed, a through review of the business and it’s systems and information is conducted. This creates a comprehensive package for a buyer that will save time during due diligence and often increase the offering prices.

A detailed confidential memorandum (The Book) highlights the essential information about the business in a professional package that allows buyers to make educated decisions on their interest and move forward quickly.


A custom marketing plan is created for each business depending on the size and type of business and the ideal buyers. We leverage many proprietary resources to locate buyers including our extensive buyer database, local publications, online assets and investment group databases. All marketing is done with discretion. Confidentiality is critical and is considered in all marketing. We NEVER list the name, location or other specifics that would identify your business.


Negotiations are handled in an ethical, honest, patient, professional manner that keeps the business deal as the focus rather than clouded by emotions or personalities. We respond quickly to requests and are able to move the process forward.

Due Diligence

A percentage of deals will end at the due diligence phase. Our process reduces the risk of a buyer backing out at due diligence due to the proprietary process and objective business valuation. The extensive time and effort to collect accurate data saves time and ensures there are no surprises for the buyer during this process. We bring all our proven resources to keep the deal intact and momentum maintained. Our hands on management of this process ensures it is orderly and controlled and any challenges are addresses in a timely fashion in order for a successful transition.


If you are considering selling or exiting your business and need to review the businesses sale-ability we provide consulting services to determine strengths, weaknesses and make suggestions for increasing the business value through business optimization and cash flow management.

Buyer Representation

Most business opportunities have professional representation. We assist a buyer in completed a business valuation, presenting a letter of intent, managing due diligence, aid in obtaining financing and work with advisers to co-ordinate the successful transfer. Working with a professional business transfer specialist can increase the chances of the sale by 80%.




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