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Murphy Business Northeast Florida has 5 key values that drive our decisions and serve as the foundation for how we treat our team, our clients and our community.

Continuous Learning: We pride ourselves on being experts in our business, understanding the market and enjoy sharing our expertise to guide business owners when making critical decisions. We are continually learning and invest in our education to develop our skills to better serve our clients. We respect the confidentiality of our clients.

Strong Communication: We listen attentively to our clients and clearly convey information, insights and expectations in a timely manner. We return all calls promptly and behave as a professionals at all times. We under promise and over deliver.

Exceptional Character and Integrity: We do what we say. Even if it is not easy or we are busy. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We have the courage to tell a client like it is and walk away from deals where we cannot add value and that are not in the client’s best interest or in our area of expertise. We honor the client’s needs first by doing what is right and not what is easy!
Quality Relationships: We value quality relationships over quantity. We invest in relationships and maintain relationships in the community.  We focus on our client’s needs and work to exceed expectations.

Planning and Organization: Our people work hard and efficiently use their time to achieve the best results and a keen ability to solve problems. We believe in work-life balance.

Leadership: We control our futures and take the appropriate initiative as required. We do what it takes and leave nothing to chance. We own our responsibilities.

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