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Nothing feels as frustrating, irritating, and stress-producing as walking into your office and facing the same employee behavior issues day after day. You’ve tried this solution, you’ve tried that…but the only thing changing is your energy level as the associated physical and emotional stress takes its toll.

What to Do?

Chances are, you probably already know what you need to do about that employee and the situation. But, there are surrounding factors to be considered and whenever you think about them your mind starts going around in circles and you end up postponing any effective action.

Whether you have an in-your-face employee issue right now, or whether you face that chance in your future, the 2-page, 20-minute “How to Effectively Handle Employee Performance Issues” multi-section tool  created by Barbara V. Platt is something you want in your management toolkit. It is a simple guide that helps you think about your employee situation in a clear and logical fashion, then leads you into the key action steps you need to take so you can turn the situation around.

First: Identify the Behavior You See and Dislike

This seems simple – and it is! – but because so many employee issues trigger strong reactions or emotions, it can be a challenge to just sit back, take a deep breath, and take an objective executive look at what exactly is happening. The Identify Behavior checklist helps you do just that: read the items in the list and check off what applies. In less than a minute you will be sitting in front of a couple of written bullets that clearly state the issue(s).

Second: Analyze the Situation

This is where you quickly take into account all the surrounding variables to make sure you are seeing the situation accurately. You answer a few questions such as: Are other people involved? What actions have you already taken (if any) and what were the results?

Third: Identify How to Handle the Situation

Now that things are clear, you can consider your options. The Analyze the Situation checklist leads you to consider the situation from your perspective, the employee’s perspective, and from your overall employee policies and practices standpoint. The end result will be a simple and appropriate plan of action for yourself.

Fourth: Identify Obstacles and Determine How to Overcome Them

You may or may not need this step. It is here for those situations where you already know what to do, but something is preventing you from acting. This part of the tool helps you figure out what’s in your way e.g. you have no backup if the employee leaves, the employee is a family member, your other employees may react badly, and so on.  Once you isolate the problem, the Obstacle Planning Chart helps you figure out how to deal with it.

Last: Use the Discussion Template to Prepare for Your Employee Conversation

You are much more likely to be successful in handling an employee performance issue if you have prepared yourself and your talking points in advance. This discussion template section steers you to do that. It also helps you think about and prepare for whatever possible reactions and responses your employee might have.

All This in 20 Minutes or Less!

Depending on the situation, this simple “How to Effectively Handle Employee Performance Issues” tool will walk you through all of the above steps in 20 minutes or less. As a result, you will be and feel more in control and effective in turning that employee’s behavior around and dealing with any ripple effects along the way.

Click here to download the FREE “How to Effectively Handle Employee Performance Issues” tool now.


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