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Buying a Business in Jacksonville, Nationally, or Internationally

Ready to Buy a Business?We have successfully assisted all types of business buyers including those nationally and internationally. When purchasing a specific business, we have systems that streamline the process for the first time business buyer, as well as sophisticated marketing tools to assist the seasoned entrepreneur and Mergers and Acquisition departments.


First Time Business Buyers

As a first time buyer, this process can be overwhelming. In this short video, we overview the whole business buying process.

If you are ready to move forward, after viewing the video, start by completing the buyer profile form. This will allow us to assist you in narrowing down the choices and selecting the best business options for you.

Seasoned Entrepreneurs / Merger and Acquisition Purchases

As the only brokerage locally that has an award winning professionals in the marketing department, we are equipped to assist you in the marketing and targeting of specific types of businesses for acquisition.

If you have located the ideal acquisition candidate, our experienced M&A experts will streamline the process for you.

Why Use a Business Broker?

Often business buyers will work directly with a seller to purchase a business, cutting out the middle men. This sounds good in theory, but often backfires when the uneducated buyer learns that the seller has not been forth coming with information.

A recent buyer decided not to use a broker and later learned that not only did she purchase the business, but she also inherited liens on the assets. An experienced business broker would have used a credible business closing attorney that would have found this lean and saved her over $55,000.

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