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Businesses that have Sold

Printing, Online Speciality PrinterRevenue: $201,000Sold Price: $295,000
Construction, Contractor RoofingRevenue: $26,409,172Sold Price: $7,000,000
Distribution, Dist-SteelRevenue: $17,876,399Sold Price: $12,000,000
Manufacturing, Mfg-Agrarian ProductsRevenue: $11,058,275Sold Price: $16,000,000
Import/Export, Import Metal ProductRevenue: $10,844,795Sold Price: $2,200,000
Automotive, Auto Used CarsRevenue: $8,270,257Sold Price: $385,000
Gas Station, Gas Station/C-StoreRevenue: $6,999,500Sold Price: $460,000
Gas Station, Gas Station/C-StoreRevenue: $6,336,000Sold Price: $510,000
Gas Station, Gas Station/C-StoreRevenue: $4,450,000Sold Price: $380,000
Motorcycle, Motorcycle Sls & SerRevenue: $4,352,344Sold Price: $2,000,000
Pool & Spa Business, Pool Sales/ServiceRevenue: $3,184,877Sold Price: $950,000
Construction, Contractor Windows & DoorsRevenue: $2,779,853Sold Price: $495,000
Gas Station, Gas Station/C-StoreRevenue: $2,600,000Sold Price: $205,000
Lawn/Landscaping, Lawn Biz CommercialRevenue: $2,598,004Sold Price: $1,500,000
Internet Related, Internet Business; Motorcycle, Motorcycle PartsRevenue: $2,481,618Sold Price: $3,050,000
Electronics/Computer, Computer Parts/SystemRevenue: $2,285,723Sold Price: $820,000
Food Business Retail, Deli/CateringRevenue: $2,109,468Sold Price: $295,000
Office Supplies, Office FurnitureRevenue: $2,000,000Sold Price: $500,000
Water Related, Water PurificationRevenue: $1,843,700Sold Price: $500,000
Liquor Related Biz, Liquor Package StoreRevenue: $1,789,973Sold Price: $839,219
Business Services, Event PlanningRevenue: $1,660,208Sold Price: $1,950,000
Gas Station, Gas Station/C-StoreRevenue: $1,613,891Sold Price: $350,000
Automotive, Truck RepairsRevenue: $1,470,696Sold Price: $819,242
Electronics/Computer, Sound/Video SystemsRevenue: $1,445,427Sold Price: $800,000
Metal Related, Metal CoatingsRevenue: $1,413,834Sold Price: $1,750,000
Restaurants, Barbecue RestaurantRevenue: $1,301,268Sold Price: $391,200
Manufacturing, Mfg-FabricationRevenue: $1,263,872Sold Price: $363,000
Medical Related Biz, Medical Home CareRevenue: $1,250,000Sold Price: $1,310,000
Liquor Related Biz, Sports BarRevenue: $1,170,000Sold Price: $370,000
Restaurants, Family StyleRevenue: $1,165,491Sold Price: $239,950
Flooring, Flooring/TileRevenue: $1,017,055Sold Price: $240,000
Liquor Related Biz, Sports Bar; Restaurants, American RestaurantRevenue: $1,002,447Sold Price: $450,000
Restaurants, Family StyleRevenue: $997,616Sold Price: $189,000
Beauty/Personal Care, Hair SalonRevenue: $981,750Sold Price: $565,000
Equipment S & S, Heavy Equipment Parts/RepairRevenue: $972,006Sold Price: $900,000
Communications, Wireless Phone StoreRevenue: $964,616Sold Price: $1,350,000
Restaurants, Seafood RestaurantRevenue: $946,144Sold Price: $285,000
Restaurants, American RestaurantRevenue: $922,702Sold Price: $90,000
Liquor Related Biz, Sports Bar; Restaurants, American RestaurantRevenue: $824,493Sold Price: $250,000
Construction, Contractor Plumber; Business Services, Equipment TestingRevenue: $776,879Sold Price: $731,159
Telephone & Related, Cellular/Beeper SalesRevenue: $775,342Sold Price: $650,000
Real Estate Related, Property ManagementRevenue: $746,894Sold Price: $425,000
Educational/School, Pre-SchoolRevenue: $717,555Sold Price: $545,000
Vending Related, Vending Snack FoodsRevenue: $714,239Sold Price: $565,730
Construction, Contractor A/C & HeatingRevenue: $673,567Sold Price: $310,000
Pack/Ship/Postal, Postal/Mailbox/MiscRevenue: $653,738Sold Price: $120,000
Restaurants, Breakfast LunchRevenue: $610,146Sold Price: $275,000
Restaurants, Cafe Type EateryRevenue: $599,000Sold Price: $335,000
Manufacturing, Mfg-Silk Screen ProductsRevenue: $581,844Sold Price: $110,000
Liquor Related Biz, Sports BarRevenue: $565,309Sold Price: $640,000
Restaurants, Sandwich Shop; Restaurants, Bagel RestaurantRevenue: $557,030Sold Price: $150,000
Convenience Stores, C-Store OnlyRevenue: $556,565Sold Price: $255,000
Business Services, Asset RecoveryRevenue: $551,959Sold Price: $146,000
Automotive, Auto General RepairRevenue: $549,812Sold Price: $665,500
Liquor Related Biz, Liquor Package StoreRevenue: $548,481Sold Price: $375,000
Medical Related Biz, Medical MD PracticeRevenue: $490,486Sold Price: $234,000
Restaurants, Family StyleRevenue: $484,476Sold Price: $120,000
Restaurants, Breakfast LunchRevenue: $450,558Sold Price: $100,000
Medical Related Biz, Medical MD PracticeRevenue: $435,056Sold Price: $220,000
Lawn/Landscaping, Lawn Biz LandscapingRevenue: $417,315Sold Price: $265,000
Lawn/Landscaping, Lawn Biz LandscapingRevenue: $410,192Sold Price: $270,000
Educational/School, Pre-SchoolRevenue: $404,995Sold Price: $155,000
Agricultural, Meat ProcessingRevenue: $395,537Sold Price: $375,000
Water Related, Water PurificationRevenue: $378,893Sold Price: $115,000
Pack/Ship/Postal, Pack/Ship ServiceRevenue: $374,671Sold Price: $220,000
Flower Related, FloristRevenue: $358,264Sold Price: $171,000
Marine Related, Dive ShopRevenue: $336,398Sold Price: $567,000
Cards/Gifts/Books, Cigar StoreRevenue: $330,391Sold Price: $150,000
Restaurants, Sub ShopRevenue: $319,326Sold Price: $125,000
Publishing, PublishingRevenue: $280,662Sold Price: $84,707
Cleaning, Commercial LaundryRevenue: $273,333Sold Price: $70,000
Equipment S & S, Restaurant Equipment S/SRevenue: $227,017Sold Price: $120,000
Distribution, Dist-Janitorial SuppliesRevenue: $222,062Sold Price: $215,000
Flower Related, FloristRevenue: $206,235Sold Price: $90,000
Real Property Rltd, Storage FacilityRevenue: $198,554Sold Price: $1,600,000
Locksmith, LocksmithRevenue: $197,821Sold Price: $215,000
Cleaning, Janitorial ServiceRevenue: $195,263Sold Price: $83,000
Accounting, CPA PracticeRevenue: $191,401Sold Price: $175,000
Lawn/Landscaping, Lawn Biz ResidentialRevenue: $183,098Sold Price: $150,000
Beauty/Personal Care, Tanning SalonRevenue: $175,000Sold Price: $180,000
Cleaning, Carpet CleaningRevenue: $173,211Sold Price: $160,000
Cleaning, Coin LaundryRevenue: $172,710Sold Price: $107,500
Internet Related, Internet BusinessRevenue: $155,567Sold Price: $65,000
Cleaning, Coin LaundryRevenue: $150,000Sold Price: $102,500
Sports Related Biz, Bicycles Sales/ServiceRevenue: $134,939Sold Price: $80,000
Cleaning, Janitorial ServiceRevenue: $128,260Sold Price: $75,000
Lawn/Landscaping, Lawn Biz LandscapingRevenue: $113,872Sold Price: $100,000
Lawn/Landscaping, Lawn Biz ResidentialRevenue: $113,162Sold Price: $55,000
Machine Shop, Machine Shop/Metal; Sports Related Biz, Golf Cart Sales/ServicesRevenue: $100,000Sold Price: $200,000
Rental BusinessRevenue: $63,525Sold Price: $65,000

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